RASberry - Robotics and Automation Systems for berry production


  • GRASPberry: High speed picking soft fruit robots

    IUK #104587 £997K
    24 months, project start: Oct 2017

  • Autonomous robots to support fruit picking

    IUK #103339 £1,265K
    21 months, project start: Jan 2019



Programme coordination
Pål Johan From (Norway), Grzegorz Cielniak (UK)

Academic Staff
UoL:  Paul Baxter, Nicola Bellotto, Marc Hanheide, Simon Pearson
NMBU: Lars Grimstad
CERTH: Dionysis Bochtis

UoL: Serhan Corsar, Gautham Das, Waqas Khan, Alexander Gabriel, Raymond Kirk, Justin LeLouedec
NMBU: Ya Xiong, Yuanyue Ge, Tuan Le, Vignesh Raja, Abhishesh Pal
Saga Robotics: Halvard Grimstad, Remy Zakaria, Adam Binch, Giorgos Vasileiadis, Yannis Menexes


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